About Us

Kingdom Blue Productions is a 501C Non-Profit Organization led by Mary Gray-Gossett.

Gifted, arts, versatile, creative, dynamic, loving and caring mentor these are a few words to describe Mary Gray-Gossett. She is the founder and CEO of Kingdom Blue Productions; a production company that is committed to helping others fulfill dreams, have hope for a brighter future by creating opportunities for new comers, experience and non-experienced artists to excel.

(KB) is a production company that believes and is committed in producing convicting, heartfelt, quality entertainment that reflects God’s message. Our mission is to help deliver Gods word to the world through drama, to fulfill dreams and bring hope. Taking the Ministry into the world with a powerful message and growth for all people. Teaching drama, and dance. We have professional and experienced individuals that are well equipped to deliver various kinds of performances.

(KB) does not require any experience to come on board. This is a powerful and effective ministry for audience of any age and creed. We truly have remarkable things in store, and believe together, we can accomplish great things that is set before us through God!

We’re inviting you and your team to be a sponsor. Your sponsorship allows us to branch into communities and introduce diverse art, entertainment and true spiritual messages. Please view our sponsorship opportunities. We are available to answer any questions that you might have…Please contact (832-814-0230).

Mary Gray-Gossett

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you!

Biography of Mary Gray-Gossett

Mary Gray Gossett, a native Houstonian who discovered her talents in the area of visual and performing arts in 1998. She has the gift, love and passion to design art through drama, as she uplifts and motivates the hearts of many Houston audiences through a series of biblical plays. Mary has created all of her plays, poems, and messages.

Her first stage play was at Doris Miller Elementary school. Attending George Washington Middle School, she continues to show her talent on stage.

As she entered high school, she sung “the way we were” and also took a part in the Drama department. Mary moved onward to do gymnastics, dance and track and field. In 1979 she graduated from Waltrip High School and pursued her education at College of Biblical Studies.

In 1998-2004 She sung in the choir for Chase Manhattan/JP Morgan Bank In 2006 she received a recognition for humanitarian merit…Ungung Hero. In 2006 She designed a bronze art sculptural & Poem entitled: “IT WAS FOR YOU”. In 2009 she was selected as Queen Esther Stewardship, and worked with Ekkesia Organization, Lay Organization, and Missionary Society. In 2001 She landed a small part in the MC Hammer movie, (duet singing).

Mary constantly offered her gift by, speaking, poetry recitals, and singing. Her call for play writing in 1998 emerged into many great productions, such as “Anna Mae’s Tree Book”, “Mercy Me”, “At the Feet of Jesus”, “Soul Scissors”, “Mr. Winkle” “One Wish”, The Christmas Gift”, “Touched”, “A Messenger in the Beauty Shop”, “Christmas in the Woods”,” Kase By Faith”, “Jingle & the Bells”. “In the Barber Shop”, “Entangled”, “Christmas on the Plantation”, and is currently working on “The Second Trial of Jesus”. Some of her plays encompasses a cast of more than 30 members.

Her mother encouraged her by staying up with her many late nights as she designed costumes for most of her plays. For the last 20 years she has astounded audiences with her gift of plays. T B H Theater, Virtuous Woman Magazine 2009, Third Coast Theater, AHMS Center, FWMS Center, Brown Chapel AME Church, Beaumont Tx AME., First Church Heights, are venues that have hosted many of these plays.

Mary is a remarkable woman who has plenty of faith believing that whatever you put your heart into you can achieve it with faith.

“It is God that appoints time, gifts, and direction, but we have to be available to his call. Staying focus and not hindered by what we see or hear this will allow us in fulfilling our purpose for who God has called us to do.”

Luke 22:29…I appoint unto you a KINGDOM, as my Father hath appointed unto me.

Luke 23:42…And he said Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy KINGDOM.

Acts 28:31…Preaching the KINGDOM of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.

Exodus 20:9…Preaching the KINGDOM of God, and teaching those things which

concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.

Matthew 3:2…And saying, Repent ye: FOR the KINGDOM of heaven is at hand.

The Lord commanded his will in Mary’s life through drama/arts launching its first entitled “play king of all kings in 1998”.  Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation”.  KBP has taken this verse quite literal as we invoked the will of God.  Through long and difficult work from actors Mary has created characters that people can relate to, laugh at, cry with and learn from. The onstage effectiveness is a direct reflection of the offstage development of team work to make each performance a master piece of God’s word.

Believing we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us. Phil 4:13

Mary knows how to make all her performances shine!  

Performances are a combination of music, monologues, poems, sketches, singing, dancing, from funny to serious; however, all of the material is worshipful sending a message. It is an unforgettable experience.   (KBP) has experienced tremendous growth over the years and would like you to share with us.  Just as the stars cannot be counted, and the sand cannot be measured, there are no limits to what a person can do.  God is most certainly alive and moving in the hearts of people today.


Dear Mary….Yesterday’s skit was “off the chain”!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.  But…what I was most excited about was the drummer’s rendition and the African dance. You and Miss Taylor performed with the grace and precision of the Alvin Ailey Dancers.  Mary continues to let God use you. May you and the Drama participants continue in His richest blessings?  In His Joy,

Mary- you are the vessel that God uses to reach others, teach others and show others his Divine Glory. I specifically learned in this play that Gods word can be delivered through many different ways.  Thank you Mary for being an humble servant, for with out your vision we could not act, so keep on keeping on good and faithful servant! Lets not forget ALL the sacrifices you had to make to help make this plays a success. We recognize your sleepless nights and running back and forth, the many emails you had to send and everything you went through in order to see Gods will delivered! God will reward you for your faithfulness! We love you!!!!!

Mary- there does not always have to be a set order, but as long as we include God and do everything to the honor and glory of his name then he will be praised!
Thank you Mary for being an humble servant,

Thank you so much for being there for me.

Awesome! You are truly blessed with a outstanding gift! May God continue to use you as one of his vessels to spread his word.

This is your passion, keep up the good work in what you like to do. However, again, we miss you!

I pray that God uses me & you for his will. Thank u Mary. May God Keep Blessing you. See  you soon.